Early Families in Bridgeport, Texas
Tran Lee Ray

Mr. T.L. Ray was born October 1,1869, in Prentice County, Missouri. His father moved to Texas when Tran was five years old, and settled near the old town of Bridgeport. In 1879 they moved into the township of Old Bridgeport. As a boy in his early teens, he delivered mail twice a week over the old Toll Bridge to the community of Kingsville. Sometimes he would swim the river to save the twenty-five cent toll fee. He worked at farming and in the gins. He was a partner in the Poindexter Drug Store when it relocated in West Bridgeport a year before the Rock Island was completed. On the East side he later ran a general merchandise store for Hatcher and Tinsley. He was elected constable and served nine year, then City Marshal and Tax Collector, retiring in 1933 because of a heart ailment. He died on November 25, 1957. He was the father of Roger, Wilson , and Marian.

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