Early Families in Bridgeport, Texas
Marion Green

Marion Green came to Texas from Gonecuh County , Alabama , in 1874. He married Margaret Reddell, daughter of Charles Reddell in Grayson County , in 1876. He and his family moved to Wise County and settled two miles northeast of Bridgeport in the Thomas Community in 1890.

They purchased 240 acres and farmed there until his death in March, 1922. Marion and Elizabeth were the parents of twelve children, all of whom are now deceased.

Direct descendants living in the Bridgeport area are: Gladys Mae Hudson, Donnie Green, Charles Wendell Green, Sheila Green, Mae Hawkins, Raymond Hawkins, Glenn (Buster) Green, Fannie (wife of Robert), J.D. Green, Annie Green (wife of Monroe), and Evelyn Johnson.

Grandsons that followed their grandfather as farmers are: Rupert, Marion (Shorty), Robert Lee (Bo), Jimmy Carrol, Sam, and J.M. (Geat).

Marion Green Family

Marion Green is seated in the center of the photo

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