Early Families in Bridgeport, Texas
M. P. (Mack) Mask

Mack Mask was a pioneer merchant that many will fondly remember. He was owner of a dry goods store called Mack's Shoe Store. The reason for it being called a shoe store was the fact that Mack had peddled shoes for a living many years ago in Bridgeport. When you chanced to meet someone carrying a package from Mack's, there was no doubt from whence it came. His wrapping paper was quite unique. "A WOMAN HUNG" was blaringly stated in bold, large letters. In smaller letters the paper read... "her arms around her husband's neck and said... let's go to Mack's Shoe Store, the place to save a dollar." In the last years of the store's existence, Mack's going-out-of-business sale became an annual affair. The final going out of business sale was held in January, 1970. Mister Mack passed away later the same year.

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