Early Families in Bridgeport, Texas
John Montford

John Montford was the son of William Montford and father of local jewelry man Ross Montford, to whom we are indebted for this information on the Montford history. The John Montfort’s had a farm on the Bridgeport-Boonsville road, and they lived there until their deaths. Ross can remember his father speaking of Crittendon's General Store in old town Bridgeport and other places of business such as the blacksmith's shop, the hotel, and rooming house. Tom Teter, Ross's grandfather on his mother's side, owned the hotel. Ross states that he can recall a cotton gin and saw mill on the Trinity River in old town Bridgeport. He remembers his father saying since there was no market for cottonseed at that time; the farmers kept what they needed to plant and dumped the rest in the river. He also remembers his father speaking of the steel bridge built over the Trinity. Tran Ray, father of Wilson Ray, told Ross that one day while checking his cattle grazing where the hospital now stands, he came upon a man surveying and asked what he was doing. It turned out to be Charlie Hardcastle who worked for the railroad and was surveying the town site of Bridgeport. You will find more information on Mr. Hardcastle elsewhere in this section on Bridgeport early families.

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