Memories From The Past

The Bridgeport, Texas Coal Mine Era

The four photographs below are the only known pictures of Bridgeport coal mines.
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Bridgeport Coal Co. Mine # 2
Bridgeport Coal Co. Mine # 4 Singleton Mine Teague Mine
The photographs below are from the Bridgeport coal mine era
The Bordner Family

Mary, Helen, Peter & John

These miners are: Tom Byrnes, ? Holdmess, ? Gentry, T J McAfee, ? Stevens, C B Whitehead, W H Johns, B F Austin, Jon Wright
A group of miners
The Photographs below are from the Bridgeport coal era but have no know description
You have now read the history of the Bridgeport Coal Mines and viewed the available photographs.

It is now time for you to visit the Bridgeport Heritage Museum and see these relics that are on exhibit.

We look forward to seeing you at the Museum.

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