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In 1912, the city limits of Bridgeport reached as far east as 14th Street. About a half mile further out on Cuba Road the Hines/Embry Homestead was established. The farm stretched to the south with 220 acres. The First United Methodist Church, the BISD Middle School and the BISD Football Stadium now occupy parts of this farm. The home was an impressive two-story structure with a wrap-around porch on the front.
Hines/Embry Homestead
Pollard-Jeter School
The Pollard-Jeter School was a two-room school located at 105 Trinity Street.The school was attended by most of the town students living west of the railroad. The school building was razed and another structure occupies the property today.
Poore's Drug Store was owned and operated by B.B. Poore, a pioneer merchant. The drug store was built in 1912 at 1006 Halsell Street. Over the years it was also called Poore's Jewelry Store. Mr. Poore and his wife lived at 1405 Halsell Street. He remained in business until his death in 1954.
B.B. Poore Drug Store
The Vine Cafe operated from 1918 to 1932 at 1010 Halsell Street.
Vine Cafe
Mr. John came to Bridgeport in 1900 to manage and operate the newly formed Bridgeport Mining Company. Later Mr. John opened the Company Store and Mine # 3. His home was built at 106 W Cates Street and was the largest west of the railroad. At the time it was built the front yard was filled with Oak Trees. The property extended to Main Street. Mr. John managed the mines until 1931 when the mines closed.

W. H. John Home
Dr. P. C. Funk's home was built in 1912 at 1410 Halsell Street. P. C. Funk came to Texas, as a one year old, in 1861.At the age of 19 he began teaching school in Wise County. Later he attended medical school in Kentucky, where he graduated in 1894. Dr. Funk began his medical practice in Alvord. He moved to Bridgeport in October of 1894. He retired from private practice in 1936. He served as the local surgeon to the Rock Island Railroad from 1908 until 1942. When the First National Bank was organized Dr. Funk purchased some of the original stock. He served as Director, Vice President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the bank. He passed away in 1942.
Dr. P.C. Funk Home
W.A. Brown Grocery
W. A. Brown opened Brown's Grocery in 1910 at 1005 Halsell Street. The Brown Grocery was in business until 1940. Guy Brown, Sr. clerked in the store.
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