The City of Bridgeport Water and Waste Treatment Facilities were installed in the early 1930's by the Central Contracting Company of Dallas. The Water System facilities were installed on the Trinity River approximately one quarter of a mile west of the river bridge on south 10th Street. This area is presently closed to the public because it is on private property.

The Water Treatment facilities included a pump house, a control house, water filter settling ponds and a large storage tank. During the excavation of a filter plant, a cave-in occurred burying several men. The work was being performed by the Brennen Brothers of Dallas, a subcontracter to the Central Contracting Company. Two men were rescued, however four men perished. The dead were: Bud Shawn, Claud Mater, Nolan Gober and C.H. Furr. An article was written in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on 17 November 1934 detailing the cave-in. The article can be read by clicking on CAVE-IN ARTICLE.

Water lines were laid from this installation throughout the city in 1933 and the plant was fully operational by 1935. Several photos of these installations can be viewed by clicking on ORIGINAL WATER  SYSTEM. This system was used until the early 1980's when the facility was moved to the Lake Bridgeport Dam area.

All that remains of the river installation is the pump house, storage tank and some of the building foundations.You can view what is left in the area by clicking on WATER SYSTEM REMAINS.

The Waste Treatment facilities were installed just off of HWY 114 on the south side of the bridge that crosses the railroad tracks. There is very little information available on this installation. The original system has been replaced by an updated system on the same location.

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