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In 1963, The Runaway Bay Corporation donated land for the proposed Bridgeport Municipal Airport. The City of Bridgeport was issued a grant from The Department of Transportation for the construction of the airport in 1965.

Runaway Bay contracted Diamond-Head to construct the airport. The initial development of the airport was completed in 1965. The runway was 3500 feet in length. The runway was lengthened to 4000 feet in 1989 and to its present length of 4500 feet in 1997.

The first hanger was constructed in 1965 by L.V. Selz. Others building hangers were Charles Wood and Rollins Bilby. More hanger construction was begun in 1977 and has continued until the present time. You can see the hanger location in the photographs.

The pilot's lounge was constructed in 1966 followed by improvements in 1974. The present lounge was completed in 2002.

Runway lighting was installed in 1970. The first beacon was installed on a pole in 1970. The beacon was moved to a tower in 1983.

Gasoline was provided by tank trucks and dispensed by hand unto 1972 when a key lock system was provided. In 1993 a credit card system was installed and is in use today.

Flight schools have been in and out of the airport. In 1965 Ronnie Chapman, 1972 Wood & Haddox, 1981 Shannon Pedigo, 1985 Rod Wooley, 1986 Kevin Jones and 1990 Patrick Johnson.

Aircraft mechanics were around starting in 1977. The first was Jerry Haddox in 1977. There was Frank Ragnotty in 1987 and in 1991 came Bob Barham.

The airport has been very busy with customers from Runaway Bay, Bridgeport and all the surrounding communities. Visitors fly in from the Dallas-Fort Worth area to enjoy activities on beautiful Lake Bridgeport and golfing at Runaway Bay. The City of Bridgeport has a courtesy vehicle available at the pilot's lounge.

The Bridgeport Municipal Airport is located 4 miles west of Bridgeport on HWY 380. Look for the sign on the south side of the road pointing toward the airport.

Photos by Carl Ray Jones & Royce Raven
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