As people often do, we tend to forget the past and concentrate on the future until we  reach an age when life’s final doors are closing around us.    In 1994, a group of interested citizens became concerned that much of the town’s history would be lost in the name of progress.  As a result , the  Bridgeport Historical Society was formed.  Attendees in the beginning were Wanda Dixon, Ann Scott, Joe Jackson, Ed Cowling, Benny Trammel, Linda Saylor , Addie Ruth Green, Steve Curley and Frank (Petie) Bordner. In 1995 additional people beginning to attend were Kathy Stinnet, Pasty Sides, Ann Nimmo , Pat Younger, Virginia Wood, Bill Paschal, Nevesta Jones, Roy Slonaker and Maria Umland. In November of 1995, the first set of officers were elected and installed. The first meetings were held at the Bull Pen (South of Brock Insurance Office) and later moved to the Peach Tree. The officers were:

Ann Nimmo        President

Linda Saylor      Vice President

Virginia Wood   Secretary

Kathy Stinnet     Treasurer

Roy Slonaker      Reporter

From humble beginnings (about ten members and $5.00 dues) this society has grown because of the efforts of a few dedicated, hard working and tireless individuals who realized the importance of the trials and  tribulations, hopes and discoveries of our ancestors.

The Society’s primary purpose is to rediscover, perpetuate, and/or preserve the history the area of Wise County known as Bridgeport and its surroundings. The organization has grown steadily since its beginning.  

The society has marked about a dozen historical sites throughout the city with plaques, and the State of Texas has recognized  four of the sites. These sites can be viewed on the City Historical Sites and the State Historical Marker sections of this site.

The Bridgeport Historical Society sponsors a number of fund raising events during the year and they are documented under the Special Events section of this site.

The Society meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at 11:30 AM with Lunch available. The program starts at 12PM in the Pizza Hut Conference Room.




Don Majka-- President

Myrle Duncan--Vice-President

Kathy Stinnett--Secretary

Patsy Stinnett--Treasurer


???????--Program Chairman

Donna Munn--Historian

Museum Curator-Pat Stegall

Web Site Manager--Royce Raven

3 Years-2015




2 Years-2014




1 Year-2013




Ann Nimmo

Gary Potts

Royce Raven

Virginia Wood

Ken Specker

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