The history of the churches located in the City of Bridgeport, Texas was first published in a book about Bridgeport: "The First 100 Years 1873-1973----From Wagon Wheels To Rocket Ships". Due to the limited availability of the book, the description of the churches contained there-in that are in the City of Bridgeport will be included in this section. As the church history is brought up to date from 1973 to the present the titles shown below will be marked as "NEW".

To view the history of each church place your mouse pointer on the church title of your choice and left click your mouse button.

   The First Baptist Church  "NEW"

      The St. John's Catholic Church "NEW"

       The First Methodist Church  "NEW"

    The First Presbyterian Church  "NEW"

The First Assembly of God Church

      The Trinity Lutheran Church "NEW"

 The Cates Street Church of Christ Church "NEW"
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