Thomas D. Pike
Thomas D. Pike was born in Dallas in 1979. The Pike family moved to Wise County in the late 1890's. The family resided in Justice Precinct 7 which is on Cuba Road just east of Bridgeport, Texas.

Young Tom took up the art of pottery making. A small building close to the Pike house contained a pottery wheel and supplies for pottery making. A piece of his pottery made in 1893 is own by Linda Saylor of Bridgeport. Photos of the pottery is shown below. Click on photo to enlarge.

Top View
Top View
Bottom View
Mr. Pike gave lessons to folks interested in pottery making. A number of high school students took lessons. Royce Raven, a high school student in the middle 1940's, remembers walking out Cuba Road to the Pike farm to take lessons. He made a couple of pots but was not really interested in continuing this form of art.
In May of 1974, Mr. D.C. Sipes wrote Rosalie Greg with more information on Tom Pike's pottery shop. A copy of the letter can be viewed below. Mr. Sipes supplied a map showing the location of the Pike farm along with photos of the remains of Tom's pottery shop. The map and photos are shown below. A photo with description of a piece of potter that Tom made for Laura Beeson of Paradise was also provided by Mr. Sipes and can been seen below.
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