Linda Saylor's Notebook
Linda and Tommy Saylor moved to Bridgeport, Texas from Eagle Mountain Lake in 1990. The Saylor's started a business in downtown Bridgeport by the name of T&L Antiques. Linda was interested in the history of Bridgeport and inquired where a depository of information was located. Linda discovered that a collection of history did not exist. She immediately started talking to local citizens about Bridgeport. Linda was instrumental in the forming of The Bridgeport Historical Society and the Heritage Museum. A large part of the information in this web site came from the information that Linda acquired by talking to local folks. Linda has donated the remainder of her notes and photographs for inclusion in this section of the web site. Her notes can be seen by clicking on the names below. When the notes appear click on the thumbnails to view the page in full size. After viewing a page click on the arrow in the upper left side of your monitor

Charles Mauldin Vera Marlett
Bill Paschall
1929 Football Team W.W. NeSmith
Bingham Family
Brian Denton Baptist Church Thomas D. Pike
Carlos Mann 1964 Telephone Book Bennie Trammel (pdf)
Eddie Culpepper Brick Plant # 2 Bridgeport Town Company(pdf)
Jodie Revees Bridgeport Business 1955-56 1st Frontier Dist, Co. D(pdf)
Miscl Notes Butram's Outdoor Store Gene Hembree
Nadine & Billy Carol Green Claudie Slagle Lawson Lake Bridgeport
Rodney Smith Dorothy Holt Parsons Ross Montford
Tom Anderson Family Faye Coffman W.H. Hunt Family(pdf)
Elbert Joel Shanks Finer Foods C. J. Rice
Fluff Bird Gwenda French Dunn Sam & Kathryn Bowlin
Linda Saylor Newsletters Ice House Judy Bolding Graham
Nevesta & Carl Ray Jones John Tackel Family Bridgeport Motel 1951
Ozella & Dee Dawkins Methodist Church Wanda Rich
Raven Chicken Hatchery Minute Coffee Shop Acme Brick Plant
Trula Jo Jones Mryna Goode Arcadia Thearter
1952 Parade Tennessee Dairies Mrs. J.E. Ward
Addie Warner Thompkins Dept Store 1951 The Bridgeport Index
Audrey Tackel Russell Travis Finley
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