In late 1995, a group of local citizens including several Bridgeport Historical Society members met to discuss the formation of a local museum to be used as a historical depository. A set of By-Laws were established and a set of board members were elected and installed in January of 1996. The original officers were:

Wanda Dixon                  President

Oran Goode                   First Vice President

Harlan Bridwell              Second Vice President

Virginia Wood               Secretary

Richard Ellis                  Treasurer

Ann Nimmo                    Historian

Addie Ruth Steel            Parliamentarian

Linda Saylor                   Executive Director

Work began immediately on securing a museum site, acquiring display cases, becoming incorporated an applying for tax-free status. The city of Bridgeport granted the museum $2000 as a start up fund. The museum was named The Bridgeport Heritage Museum.

The Bridgeport Heritage Museum was dedicated on 23 October 1999 and is located in the City of Bridgeport Recreation Building ( Senior Citizen Center ) at 1102 Lawdwin Street . Sections of the museum can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnails on the left side of this page and the next page.

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General Store Display
(This display was constructed and installed by Richard Ellis and Tommy Saylor)
Living Room Display
Rock Island Railroad Display
Library Display
Library Display
Coal Mine Relics
(These relics were donated by Frank (Petie) Bordner)
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